Reserving Your Puppy

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#1) First, I ask  serious puppy people if the could tell me about themselves.
#2) Choice / Placing in the litter goes by the order in which deposits are received. You get to choose your own puppy. I will do the best I can to help you pick the best fit if you would like.
We will only accept 4 deposits (depending on the female) per "preborn" litter as we don't know how many of each gender we will have. 2 males  2 females after that, you may place a "floating" deposit to land on the next available (subject to deposits ahead of you) puppy of your choice
#4) Choosing your puppy STARTS at 5 weeks unless the first person in line starts the choosing earlier. NO ONE is required to choose prior to 5 weeks of age. Many people will not put a deposit down unless a specific puppy is available. This can keep some puppies from finding homes in a timely fashion.
I will not hold up the entire litter until 6-8 weeks of age for you to come and let a puppy "pick you". By 8 weeks, puppies need to begin bonding with their new families whenever this is possible. If you wish to come here, that is fine. If you wish to come and pick your puppy when they are ready.......then you can choose from what is available at that time if any.
You must be ready to choose your puppy at 5 weeks of age.  Thanks!
More on Choosing a puppy here: