Retired dogs

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We can not ship to Canada but can ship to a U.S. airport near the border. 


On this page we will offer retired breeders:

Each dog will have different levels of training so please read the short description by each one for individual personalities and training levels.

Our retired dogs are males and females that are no longer needed to continue on the miniature and toy breeding program. These dogs typically are between 1-5 years old, crate trained (not house trained) ( which means they will typically hold it overnight or at least several hours while crated before having to go potty outside) know their names, come and sit. (please ask specifics for the dog you are interested in) Many of them also will walk on a leash without fighting and trying to get away (AKA LEASH TRAINED). Many will be doggy door trained as well. Doggy door training at our place is not giving them free reign of the house but typically only 1 room. So I can not guarantee that they will be doggy door trained at your place if the setup is different. Pricing for miniatures are "typically" $1200-$1700 which includes crate, spay or neuter, current rabies, and "standard" shipping costs. Toy adult pricing is typically $1700-$2400 which also "typically" includes crate, spay or neuter, current rabies, and "standard" shipping costs.


LIST of  Keep watching for updates and be prepared to tell me about yourself if you are wanting a retired adult.

Please see pics on our parent dog page for now.




Ivy : Will be available as soon as her puppies are weaned. Ivy is 94% golden Retriever and is a GREAT little golden girl. I prefer a local pick up with her and she may have special needs. So please be aware before contacting me about Ivy. $500 for Ivy including spay.

Blueberry:It is almost time to say goodbye to another one of my sweet sweet girls. She will be ready early 2018 after puppies are weaned.  Blueberry will be going on 4 years old at that time. She weighs in between 27-33 lbs, crate, leash, come, sit doggy door and cuddle trained. $2100 including crate, shipping, spay and rabies vaccine.




NEW!!!! Miniature lab retired adults! If you are just looking for a smaller, more affordable companion, and it doesn't have to be specifically a "golden retriever", perhaps a mini lab retiree is better for you? See the link below: 

Mini Lab retired adults