Miniature Golden Retriever

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We do not sell as breeders. Spay and neuter required.






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C and S Ranch home of the Miniature Golden Retriever Hunting Dog

Miniature goldens posses all of the same great breed characteristics and uses as their larger counterpart, the standard golden retriever. We have champion hunting lines behind all of our stock such as Gold Rush, Top Brass, Frisbie and Barty as well as others.......  


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"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."



Also known as petite golden retriever, small golden retriever, little golden retriever.


I realize at this time that there are some breeders creeping up that are trying to breed the "miniature golden retriever". I just pray that they use good tempered, quality stock that will represent the "golden retriever" in a positive way. Only lacking in size and some of the health issues attributed to its larger size. Unfortunately.....some breeders do post a lot of propaganda that is not even accurate. Cockers verses poodles. C'mon, we ALL know about grandmas mini poodle protectively guarding her lap just waiting to pounce on ANY grandchild that gets too close. Cockers can have issues as well. all honesty, I have have seen way more poodle issues than cocker issues. Personally, I am not into breeding poodles OR cockers! That is why we raise high percentage, (golden retriever) time tested lines. I do own a few poodles. I know how they can be. I also know that often it is the trainer/family that unknowingly causes the problem. ;o( At any rate, over the course of about 8 years, we have had 3 dogs have aggression issues. 2 out of the 3 were brought back here and rehabilitated. Proving that it was indeed, not the dog, but the trainer.

What we focus on here is health, size, temperament and type as well as disposition. We want BEAUTIFUL, well preportioned, good natured, easy to train miniature golden retrievers with a smaller body. :O) The main things to consider with our dogs is not the "percentage" of golden but rather the energy level, gender (if that is important to you) and size. All of our Miniature Golden Retrievers act like golden retrievers because by now.....they pretty much "are" golden retrievers. We carefully chose our breeding stock to make the best miniature golden retriever we possibly could. Now you are seeing the fruit of that early endeavor. God is good!


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All puppies have 1 year written guarantee to be free of all life threatening genetic defects or you we will replace your puppy. All puppies will get at least one shot and be wormed while here. All puppies are born in the house, cared for, and kept in a clean environment. We are a FAMILY breeder and all of our dogs are indoor/outdoor pets. Temperament is a KEY factor in our breeding program. We have been raising miniature golden retrievers since  about 2005. During that time, we have placed MANY happy puppies with happy owners. We have had less than 1% of health or temperament issues of any kind ever. God has blessed us and He has blessed many with our beautiful babies.




Home of the "Miniature Golden Retriever" Also known as petite golden retriever, small golden retriever, little golden retriever, and C and S Miniature Golden retrievers, Toy Golden Retriever.