Choosing Your Puppy:

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Before we get into the basic search of things, please note: "All puppies vary as individuals" EVEN pure bred dogs. Every line and every litter has different "personalities" and energy levels. Temperaments and personalities are very similar in our breeding dogs. MOST DOGS ARE TRAINABLE! Not all PEOPLE are! Keeping this in mind, please keep these things in focus. % of golden DOES contribute to appearance 75% of the time. It also can contribute to a larger size but this is not always or even "typically" true. Simply, in every litter we can have different sizes wether it be a pure or a mixed bred litter. SIZE is a factor, shedding level is a factor to consider also and all of our miniature goldens shed. ENERGY level that is right for your family is important. Gender is important to some but stereotyping "male vs female" is a waste of time. Puppies vary from puppy to puppy and this is not gender based. Nor is dominence or territorial issues gender based. I love male and female dogs both. Neither one is better or worse. I like some males and some females......BUT not all of either gender. :O)

#1) Size

Miniature Goldens 75% typically Range from about 30-55 lbs (depending on parents) and we did have a 60lb report once as well. 

Miniature Goldens multigeneration Range from about 20-45 lbs their percentages will vary but always between 50-100% golden retriever.

Toy Goldens Range from about 15-35 lbs and are typically at least 50% golden but not always.

Miniature and Petite Goldendoodles range from 11-40 lbs (Depending on parents)

More "Golden" doodles otherwise known as "lower Shedding Goldens"

Range from about 30-70 lbs.


#2) Shedding level

Miniature Golden retriever = Full shedding in most cases some families have reported lower shedding but we never count on this.

Toy Goldens from Cricket, Hopper X P.J. should = lower shedding

Mini or Petite goldendoodles = Low to non shedding

More "golden" doodles = Low Shedding to non shedding depending on coat


Personalities vary from puppy to puppy and are not gender based. Energy level is not gender based. Temperament is not gender based. All of our dogs are great family pets with good, gentle bloodlines. However, dogs are pack animals and if you are not a leader, you will be a follower. This makes them the boss. Please watch Cesar Millans dog whisperer videos prior to bringing home ANY new dog.

#3) Color Varies

No Guarantees that we will get a certain color

#4) Gender Varies

No guarantees that we will have a specific gender born

Miniature Golden Retriever "History" in the making:

Our personal long term goals are to add MORE golden to the mix. We have high hopes of keeping the size down but some of our puppies may not be too "miniature golden retrievier" like in the first matings. We will do our best to predict sizes but the fact is........ no one else is doing this right now. We are embarking on a new and exciting adventure and we WILL have some bigger puppies along the way. Please bear with us during this time of trial and error and try not to be too critical of our shortcomings. We do not claim to be perfect.......we do however have a vision and a dream of a Miniature golden retriever. God has put us in line with great opportunities and beautiful dogs to achieve this goal :o)

He has richly blessed our lives........