Tiny Toy line up!

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Hey! I am starting to get very excited about the future of our tiny toy golden retrievers!!! We will be embarking on a new adventure with a new "line" of toys and predominantly "tiny toys"!! As you may already know, tiny toys are projected to be 20lbs or less. Stay tuned for updates!

 CSR's Little Red Cedar (AKA Cedar) is one of our tiny toy, young adults. We may have a litter out of her sometime in 2021. She is a delightful, happy little lady currently weighing it at a slender and sleek 11 lbs at 7 mos. We expect her to fill out at 12-15 lbs.

"Sparky" is also a huge part of our new line up! He is an adorable little cream boy with a very bubbly disposition. Weighing it at just under 18 lbs, he is near perfect in every way.

"Rein (2)" is a sweet and gentle little girl weighing roughly 18 lbs. She is gold in color and is a great blessing to both our breeding program and our family.

We do have more coming up but they are still too young to post!

Tiny toys are still very rare. I really don't know if anyone is consistently producing miniature golden retriever puppies under 20 lbs. We are hoping to break through that barrier and get to the point of consistently doing just that! Miniature golden retrievers, 20 lbs or less! Coming right up! P.S. Did I mention.....they are still 45%- 70% golden?

See more pics HERE