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Although we don't sell our puppies for breeding, we do try to create next to perfect puppies every time. We do periodically have a puppy or two that does not fit the "perfect" look bill. (please don't try to have me explain to you why I don't think they are perfect, this is a matter of opinion. You may think they look absolutely fine. Therefore, you will be blessed.) These puppies still need good homes. Having said that, I will be adding a few pups to this page here and there at a seriously reduced price due to no fault of their own.

Cricket X Mickey boy pictured below: (born Feb. 2017)

Likely to stay under 30 lbs. $500 (training to begin late summer/early fall 2017 and price will go up to reflect that)

Beetle X Mickey pup below: Brown points, more cocker spaniel features. Likely to stay under 38 lbs. $500 (training to begin late summer/ fall of 2017 and price will go up to reflect that) born spring 2017