Tiny Parents

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Here are some of our tiny toy golden retriever parents: I may post them on the regular parent pages too but I did want to put them here on their own page as well. These guys are all under 20 lbs. Some of the pics may not be perfect but I am using objects and other animals to help you actually visualize their size better. 

Thanks again for stopping by!

Below is our 46 lb Miya beside 12 lb Cedar! Cedar is also a delightful little package of "Bubbles"  

"Sparky" is a delightful, 17 lb tiny toy male with a very happy, bubbly disposition. He is not only adorable...he also brings much joy. ;)

How the miniature labs were created and the breeds that have been used to create the miniature lab.

Miniature labs / Labrador retriever (miniature) / Labbe:

Are all names that have been used to describe this smaller  or mini "lab".

We like to use the term miniature lab simply because it seems to be the most descriptive of what we and others have been trying to achieve. That is... a lab in a smaller package. Are they all the same? No. Are all pure breds the same? No. Pure bred labrador retrievers and miniature labs have different sizes, shapes, dispositions, energy levels and even different appearances. We all have our own opinions of what makes the best looking labrador retriever. We have our opinions on the perfect energy levels, sporting insticts or apartment pet.

As we grow, we plan to add in the best traits we possibly can and hopefully establish a well balanced lab that will fit most any lifestyle or family need/ desire. Ranging from hunting to service dogs to your little childs best buddy.

Breeds used: The Labrador retriever has been the main, core breed used in the creation of the miniature lab. The other most prominent breed in the mini lab program has been the beagle. Both great hunting and family dogs this has created the groundwork for the miniature lab.

Other breeds added in for various size and appearance purposes in various amounts are : pug and sport retriever. 


Rainy, is about 18-19 lbs and is actually half poodle! She is more reserved than the other "kids" and is more like a "lady". She wants to be right with us and we expect her to be a great little momma.