Grandparent dogs....

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Here are some of our grandparent and great, great grandparent dogs :O)

Okay these dogs do not all still live here but some do. This is just a little bit of a picture pedigree to help you see where we started and where we are today. I won't get into detail on each line as I don't think it is right for others to steal what I have worked so hard to produce. However, if you have bought a puppy from me, it can be registered and you can obtain a pedigree through the registry. These pics might help you see "who" is behind the name.

Annies Best Chance AKA "Chance" (below) 1st generation 75% miniature golden retriever is really something else! EVERYTHING a miniature or standard golden retriever should be! He is roughly 45lbs, about knee high to the average woman...... He is every bit as wonderful as Jake with some very slim personality differences. Perfect, calm, easy going disposition, follows the kids everywhere, easy to train, desires to please in every gentle. SUCH A LOOKER these days too!!! Very pleased with this boy no doubt about it! Sire to CJ and Missy

Shiloh (pictured below) is our AKC registered golden and foundation sire he is Jakes daddy.

Sedona (pictured below) is a grandmother to our Squirt. and MOTHER to Billy! She is 25% golden, 25%American Cocker, 25% English Cocker and 25% miniature poodle.

Joe (pictured below) is a 2nd generation 50% golden, 50% cocker spaniel. He is also Cricket, Hopper, Sunshine, Melody and Jades grandpa.

Harmony is a grandma so? 75% golden, 25% cocker

Dustin AKC registered Golden Retriever (pictured below) Sire to Emma

Al (pictured below) 50 % golden, 50% American cocker Sire to Janie

Sadie (pictured below) AKC golden Female is our foundation female. It all started with her and she is still here to this day.

Baby (pictured below) was our first miniature goldendoodle female. She was the mother to Sammy. She is 50% golden, 50% miniature poodle. She is the grandma to Cricket, Hopper, Sunshine, Jade and Melody. So imagine.....from Baby to Hopper in just 2 generations. Talk about selective breeding! ;o)

Sammy (pictured below) is a 50% golden, 25% poodle, and 25% cocker spaniel.

Tucker (pictured below) is a 50% golden, 50% Cocker spaniel he is Squirts grandpa.

Buddy (pictured below) AKC Reg golden. Sire to Rosemary and Henna

Jake (pictured below) Grandsire to Hopper, Cricket, Melody, Jade, Missy, CJ, and Sunshine.

Annie (pictured below) AKC reg golden. Mother to Chance.