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Jasper, pictured below is the sire to Squirt. Jasper was bred by Dakota Winds and is 50% golden, 25% English and 25% American Cocker spaniel.

"CSR's Rain Chaser" AKA "Rainy" (above) is a 62% miniature golden retriever female She is 12.5% poodle and the remaining balance is the american cocker spaniel. She is adorable, small, sweet, gentle, smart, eager to please and just be with us as well as easy going. At about 30 lbs, she is a perfect example of a miniature golden retriever in every way.......she travels well in the car, is crate trained, loves to play with the kids....what more can I say?

Rainy was placed in a new home late October 2014. It was a bittersweet day for all of us here at C and S Ranch. Rainy has been with us for a long time and has been a great representation of the miniature breed. As a matter of fact, right at the airport, a woman thought she was a gorgeous golden puppy! She was pretty surprised to find out that Rainy was going on 5. ;o)

"Billy" ( Sir William York) is one of our males. (above) He was about 23 lbs in the picture above. He filled out to be about 45 lbs but still looks the same, just fuller. He is a 62% miniature golden retriever, He is a delightful Miniature golden. He is a great size and is well preportioned. I really can't say enough about him and am very excited about the way he has turned out. Billy also typically throws calm natured puppies.

Billy was retired in late October 2014 along with Rainy after their final litter of gorgeous puppies together. He now spends his days with his new best friend Samantha.

"Skeeter" is our little Mosquito: TOY golden. She weighs in typically at about 15-17 lbs and has a small frame. She is to date, our smallest toy, AND our highest percentage of golden in a "toy" body. She is 65% golden where our others are 62% golden. Skeeter is an extremely sweet and affectionate little dog that likes to wiggle and waddle. She is eager to please, submissive and gentle. She has a little higher energy than Cricket but similar to Hoppers energy.

Skeeter was placed in a new home at the Beginning of Nov 2014. ;o)