Past Puppies

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These pages have been created because many of you ask about previous puppies. These will mostly be pages for puppy pictures that the new owners have taken of their puppies and sent to me. Enjoy!

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Miniature golden retriever 75% from Annie and Joe (ABOVE)

Miniature Golden Retriever puppy from Harmony and Sammy...... "Cricket"

AKC golden Retriever male Born at C and S Ranch Pictured Above....

This is Maui Pictured ABOVE "Miniature Golden Retriever" at 5 mos of age. His owners had this to say "The little pup is doing really well and that we absolutely love having him around. He is a very good puppy overall, very smart and learns things very quickly! Everyone in our neighborhood just loves him and thinks that this type of breed is adorable. He is a very healthy puppy and we have only heard good things from our visits with the vet." Tanya and Andy

Miniature Golden Retriever 2nd generation 75% from Rosemary and Chance.... It is CJ as a puppy. She matured at 37 lbs. :O)

The whole gang!

Pictured above are two 95 lb goldens that are 26" & 27 " tall (Our standard Golden Male Jake is 70-75lbs and 23" tall) with "Alphy" who is about 30 lbs and 16" tall. Alphy is out of Janie and Joe.

F1-b Mini goldendoodle (ABOVE)

Sheltidoodle (ABOVE) from Sassy and Skip

Sheltidoodle from Skip and Lacy (ABOVE)

Sable sheltidoodle from Sassy and Skip as an older puppy (ABOVE)

Petite Goldendoodle" (ABOVE) From Jazzy and Skip. "I just had to write and tell you thank you for the beautiful dog we got from you. She is the best dog ever!!!! She is lovable, obedient, kind and gentle. She has brought so much joy to our house."

Miniature golden retriever 75% from Sadie and Al (ABOVE)

Miniature golden retriever 75% (Above) from Sadie and Al

"Miniature goldendoodle" (ABOVE ) from Skip and Baby

Sheltidoodle from Sassy and Skip (ABOVE)

"Cockapoo" boys from Skip and Lady (ABOVE X 3 )

Baby Blue AKA Boo Boo from Lacy and Skip (ABOVE)

Miniature golden retriever 75% from Sadie and Al (ABOVE)

Janie (ABOVE) is a miniature golden retriever 75% .

Sheltidoodle (ABOVE) is from Skip and Tabby. As you can can trim them however you like to get the "look" that you like. :O)

(ABOVE) is a mature sheltidoodle from Lacy and SkipHi there...Well the holidays came and went and I couldn't help but remember that it was last year's Christmas when Santa blessed us with CJ (Christmas Joy). It's been over a year now since she has been a part of our family and it really is hard to imagine what our house was like before. She continues to be such a joy. She is so well behaved and fun! I just wanted to give you an updated photo or two.

"Katie" is a miniature golden retriever from Janie and Joe 62% (ABOVE)

Sheltidoodle (ABOVE) from Skip and Lacy. Mature weight is 10 lbs

"Jack" More "golden" doodle from Angel and Shiloh (Jakes dad) matured to be about 45-50 lbs (ABOVE)

This is "Jasper" (ABOVE) He is a STANDARD sized "MORE GOLDEN" doodle. NOT an Miniature golden. He got to be 70 lbs. I am grateful to you all the heavens above for bringing me such a wonderful, sweet, smart, loving beautiful dog. (from his owner)

"Maggie" (ABOVE) out of Shiloh and Angel = More "golden" doodle. Her owner reports that she is far less shedding then her previous golden and that she has a great disposition. She matured to be 48 lbs.

Miniature Poodle from Ginger and Skip (ABOVE)

Above and below is little "Jake Malcom" He is a 50% golden, 25% poodle and 25% American cocker Spaniel. This is one of his mommy's favorite pictures. :O)