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TRAINING!!!! (For a limited time only)


  • So many people want a puppy but will be busy over the Holidays and or weddings and reunions of all sorts.... They often ask us about any type of training services that we may offer. For us, it is tough to find the extra time to devote to puppy training but because the need is great, we have restructured some things and have decided to offer training of puppies for a limited time.

What we offer:

  • 1 week objective: (each puppy will learn at its own pace but these are our goals)
  • "Quiet" in the crate (puppies often bark nonstop when they are first introduced to the crate making it tough to tell "why" it is barking so you won't know when it actually has to potty)
  • "No Potty" in the crate/bed. INTRODUCED but not solidified.(puppies can be frightened when first put into the crate and they will often mess their crate regularly starting up a terrible habit of going potty in the "bed" which will later translate to house.)
  • "No fight" on the leash. (puppies that have never been on a leash before will often struggle, fight, and thrash to the point of suffocation in some cases)
  • "Come" (introduce puppy to come to the word "come" or to the name of your choice)
  • "Potty outside" command introduced
  • "Sit" (introduction)
  • 2 week objective:
  • Solidify: "Quiet" in the crate ("most" pups can acheive this in 2 weeks)
  • Walk on a leash without thrashing
  • Go potty outside "on a leash" (introduction)
  • Come
  • Sit with hand signals
  • Doggy Door usage
  • "Hold it" in the crate for 1-6 hours depending on the puppy
  • "Fetch" we will introduce a ball to see if the puppy has an aptitude to retrieve.
  • 3 week objective:
  • Continue with everything puppy has learned in weeks 1 and 2.
  • "No Bite" (work on not allowing puppy to chew on the hands and feet of people)
  • "People are boss" begining to establish the pack order.
  • "No" command
  • Continue crate training to where puppy can usually hold it 6-8 hours at night by this stage. And puppy typically will only make noise in its crate if it actually needs something. (Not all puppies will tell you)
  • "Come and Sit" to be pet and for treats
  • Practice "Down" command