About Miniature Golden Retrievers:

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Miniature Golden Retriever:


Our miniature golden retrievers are currently 37-75% golden retriever. (of course that is somewhat theory as the gene pool can and often does throw in its own two cents!) 

Our goal is to produce Miniature golden retrievers that will mature at 50lbs or less and at 20 inches or less. The preferred size would be about 30-45lbs and about 15-18 inches in height. However......there will end up being some larger ones and smaller ones too as this is a work in progress. We will also be adding smaller Miniature Golden Retriever options (Toy) in the summer/fall of 2011. These will likely range from 15-30 lbs. 

We have finally incorporated the miniature poodle into our breeding program which can be seen primarily in Rainy at this time but is also in Sunshine and Cricket as well as Sedona (similar to Sammy (he has been homed) in breeding)

This is proving to be a great asset to our program. The shedding is only slightly lower as the coats are still straight however, as you can see with Rainy, we are adding a measure of refinement to the muzzel, shorter ears....just a variance that I am very pleased with. :O) Don't get me wrong, I still love the non poodle look as well. I like both looks equally but I am very pleased with the differences we are able to offer.

As we grow.....

We will likely be going by "size" to catergorize our offspring more then by percentages. So we will be dropping the 75%, 62%, 50%, 87.5% ect. This has been a good guideline for me to use in the past when adding more golden or some poodle ect. However....it is really becoming less nessesary as all of our offspring are really begining to conform well to "type" no matter what the % of golden involved. This is likely because we have been choosing dogs with the strongest golden traits from the begining and it is paying off.  Our long term goals are to establish the miniature golden retriever as a breed, and to have consistency in size, temperament, disposition, appearance, and hunting instincts.....but for now, we are still a work in progress. We are registered with the Certified Pet Registry so we are well on our way of making the Miniature Golden Retriever a Pure bred dog. Unfortunately........this will take many years....so? One day at a time sweet Jesus. :O)

More To Consider:

Ahhhh......I realize at this time that there are some breeders creeping up that are trying to breed the "miniature golden retriever". I just pray that they use good tempered, quality stock that will represent the "golden retriever" in a positive way. My hearts desire is not only to have a dog "look" like a golden but to essentially "be" golden in every sense of the word. Looks, temperament, disposition, personality.....only lacking in size and in health issues. All breeds can have temperament and health issues. The golden retriever, the cocker spaniel, the mini poodle....I have not met any "pure" bred dog that I liked every dog in that breed. Cockers can be bad...Cockers can be EXCELLENT I have seen cockers in our lines that are nothing but submissive, calm and child friendly! (3/3 that I personally had that were either pure bred or multi gen with at least 50% all were totally friendly even with small children pulling their hair) Goldens can be be other dog aggressive, hyper ect. They can also be the BEST hunting dogs alive. Mini poodles can be nippy as well (much of this is because their owners baby them until they rule the roost!) They can also be sweet, loyal and protective hunting dogs. I personally am not fond of any nippy dogs. I like mellow, easy going, sweet....Often it takes HARD work to get this as a new puppy owner. You are the parent....YOU have to make sure your baby is not spoiled and dominent of your house. THIS makes a world of difference in ANY breed. Please see a lot of Cesar Millan videos so that you can educate yourself on how dogs think before getting a puppy from anywhere. :O)

What is a "true" Miniature Golden Retriever?

Also known as petite golden retriever, small golden retriever, little golden retriever.


Please be sure to ask questions before buying a puppy from a breeder.

#1) Are the puppies registered? If so, is the registry credible? You will know the answer to this question by using some very common sense thoughts. Such as.... do they register a goldendoodle as a Miniature golden retriever? How can that be folks? I actually spoke via email in the fall/winter of 2008 about registering our miniature golden retrievers with this particular registry. (I will not mention the registry name) I was not quite ready at that time and so I put it off. I am glad I did because that is the only registry so far (that I have seen) that will register a goldendoodle as a miniature golden. That is crazy to me that a registry would even do that. Makes no sense in my opinion. Anyhow, had I done it....I could be saying "I was the first one to register a miniature golden retriever"  Nahhhh! I prefer a credible registry that recognizes the differences in dog breeds. :O) 

#2) Does the breeder trademark a certain name but try to control other breeders with threatening letters telling them not to use other terms that are not trade marked ?

#3) Does the breeder trademark a certain name but register the dogs under a totally different name and try to discredit other good breeders?

 Just some things to ponder in your search for a "true" miniature golden retriever....... I hope you can see through all of the confusion and the smoke screen that some are trying to create in order to control a free market. There are a lot of great breeders out there with GREAT ideas. It is when people are open minded and work together that real progress gets made. When one person tries to corner the market for fear of competition and or new and refreshing view points the water gets very stagnent. Good luck to you all! :O)

C and S Ranch Home of the "Miniature Golden Retriever" 

" Where, Puppies, Ponies and Kids Collide"

The picture below is of our sires lined up side by side (not very good poses but.....:o) Jake is a breed standard, AKC Golden Retriever weighing between 70-80 lbs. Chance is right next to him weighing about 45 lbs. Sammy weighs about 25 lbs.  Just so that you can see the differences in appearance more then weight.