When will my puppy ship?

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When I am busy, here is an easy way to figure out when a litter may ship for yourself!

Puppy BIRTHDATE + 8 WEEKS = Shipping date (within 3 days typically)

Puppy DUE date + 8 WEEKS = Shipping date (within 10 days before or after "projected" birthdate)

Why a 20 day "range" from a "due date" verses a 3 day range with an actual "birthdate"?

The answer is because:

with a birthdate, we know which day they were born and can count 8 weeks and ship.

with a "due date" a female can have healthy puppies 6 days prior to her 1st mating due date and 6 days after her first mating due date. that is a 12 day range right there. If we do not see the "1st" mating, add an additional 4 days prior and an additional 4 days after. That gives us our 20 day range.