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So one September 2018 I decided to check my website placement on google as I have many times in the past. Strangely, I couldn't even find myself on the first 3 pages. I had sat in the top 6 (typically #1 after the paid advertizements) for about 12 or so years on google. Then just gone. Not knocked down but almost nonexistent. Of course I got busy trying to "fix" this! But after really working, checking key words, meta tags, content.....I thought hmmm....

Wonder where I am on yahoo? Bing? Duck duck go? You guessed it! Right up there along the top of the first page! How bizarre that the largest search engine in the world suddenly can't find me!!! Discouraged....yes I was....a bit saddened too as I am not a fancy person who just knew how to do all of this "getting searchable" stuff in the beginning. No, I had to learn how to learn it! I think that is even worse than just having to learn something...just sayin...

So becoming searchable and staying that way for all of those years was not an easy task for me. I had to WORK for it.

Perhaps the most discouraging thing I found was all of the junk that did make the front page. (That is NOT a slam to my competition either)

The golden retriever forum being one of them.

As I read thru page after page ........I was so angry at first (guilty hot tempered and type A personality ;(( 

Then it dawned on me. Yes, I had some poor responses years ago....yes I likely could have handled some things differently....

BUT!!!! (great grammar right?) All of those people just gossiping back and forth...speculating all about me in such horrible ways....slandering me all over! Even posting my name and address all over the internet. Thank God my kids are older now (for safety reasons) as people are really just heartless and cruel all in the name of helping some poor innocent animal that "must" be being abused.

I ask.....why must they be? What evidence do you have to share to uphold your claim? By the way...they did...or someone has sent the sherriffs out several times. I think there might be limits though on how often they come? One time, our whole family was down with influenza...Hey yard was a mess (that happens with dogs in small cages? I think not...more like dogs getting into all my stuff because we always have 3-5 loose at a time! Ugh! They are like toddlers at times by the way) I was so embarrassed!! I followed them (2 came) around with my hair in complete and utter disarray....I was likely wearing funkey pajama bottoms and odd boots too. It was again embarrassing and I still felt aweful (we were really sick) but....they were not concerned in the slightest with what they saw. That doesn't make it any easier for us as we are just people.  Thats it....we are only human.

So I had a cool idea back 14 years ago....I was just a stay at home momma with 5 kids. I was not trying to be politically correct. I found a project. I sank my heart and time into it....and God blessed it. Is everything perfect here? Not a chance.....never has been, never will be. But we are real people with real feelings and emotions and we bleed too by the way....;)

I now sort of chuckle about how they go on and on and on.....speculating what it must be like here.....I think the not knowing for them may be worse than if they did find all of those horrors. So now I am finding the humor in it all and we will plug along doing what we do. I do want to thank all of our loyal supporters. And really want to thank those of you who have bought  dogs from us in spite of all of that. Some have gotten 2 or more dogs from us over the years. I had one lady recently remind me that her family had bought 5 dogs over the last several years from us! That is loyalty! Thank you all so much for your support!!!  We truly do appreciate you all. God bless!