Adult Dogs (ours)

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Our momma dogs:

This is a reference page for you to see the parents of any litter we have. You will find each dog with its description under the picture. NOTE:  **We do not do a breakdown of percentages *** all the time because.....most of our litters are several generations of always picking the best breeding stock. At this point, just like the larger goldens are now (after all the breeds used to create them) simply...."Golden Retrievers". The Miniature Golden Retrievers are simply "Miniature goldens". We do sometimes specify the percentages of "golden" each adult dog as an estimate only. This does not represent the "true" % as the gene pool is very mixed by this point and it is not possible for me to give a 100% "accurate" % of each litter because the genes are so mixed. I can do the mathematical breakdown (or you can do it yourself even) but that is still only an estimate. When breeding back to a pure golden, we do know that the puppy will be at least 50% golden plus half of the other parents percentage. Example: Dad is 100% Golden and mom is 62% golden. Puppies will be 1/2 of dads % and 1/2 of moms. In this case, the pups would be (in theory) 50 from dad and 31 from mom = 81% golden.

  Other than Golden Retriever, the rest of the mix will vary from dog to dog but will include E and American cocker as well as up to 25% (typically 12% or less) mini poodle.

These dogs are "typically" not for sale or for rehome. We do eventually retire most of our dogs (typically) between the ages of 1 and 4. NOOO, CRICKET will not ever be rehomed. ;o) She stays! 

Please see our "adults" page for a current rehome list. All adults do require being spayed or neutered as we do not sell for breeding purposes. All adults are typically crate trained, come to their names, sit, most if not all have at least been on a leash a few times (we live in the country so leashes are never nessesary here) all love attention from their family some have special needs but most do not.  

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S Be sure to see our pocket golden girls on the pocket page. ;)

CSR's Pocket full of Daisies AKA Daisy is such a beautiful pocket girl weighing in at about 16 lbs. She is curious, and and polite and soooo cute!

Yeti Yeti who doesn't LOVE a Yeti? We all adore our little Yeti!! Such a fun and beautiful little girl she is! Yeti is aprox 36 lbs of pure pure love!!! 73% golden retriever

Little 25 lb pocket paisly pictured below. Such a happy, bubbly little girl she is. Paisly can throw, mini, toy or pockets depending on who the male is she is mated with.

Sweet little Spice. Beautiful Miniature Golden Retriever momma that loves everyone. Spice has a very happy and bubbly personality. She weighs roughly 36 lbs

"Snowy" (pictured above) is another wonderful addition to or family and breeding program. Snowy is over 90% English Cream Golden with such a sweet and gentle disposition.

"Mia" pictured above is not only beautiful, but she is a total doll as well. She is about 36 lbs, perfect easy going golden retriever personality.

Sugar, pictured above is about 40 lbs, adorable, sensitive, calm, sweet and very adorable!!!

Sweetie (below) is an adorably sweet and mellow little lady that loves to show her beautiful "smile". See her on our parent video page! Ane newer videos on instagram!

Cricket, Cherry and Missy (above and below) on a camping trip with us in July 2018. All 3 colors!!! Yay! It was a training trip for Missy and she did really well. The other two ladies are old pros. ;) All 3 ladies are retired.

Dogs pictured below are no longer here. They are all retired.

Cricket up above going to the ends of the be with her boy :o)

Some of our earlier lines. Most were the foundation of the dogs we currently have now. Jake (old Jake passed away ;( above 74 lbs, then Kokomo 60lbs, then scotty 55 lbs then WooleyBear 33lbs

Blelow is full term "Lady" (no longer here) then AKC E-cream "Jamaica" (no longer here) then to the far right is our little toy (25lb) "Cricket".All of these dogs played an integral role in our current program.

Two sisters Cricket and Hopper in the camper below: (no longer here)

The Berry Girls (none of these girls are here anymore) , Honey, Stormy......all harrassing a silly 13 year old boy. ;o) We no longer have any of these girls.....sigh...but they sure were fun while there were here! This seems so so long ago.....

Still hangin out.....;o)