Wooleybear Cat-R-Pillar

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Is so cute we decided to make a page just for him!

Wooley will be our toy stud dog starting late spring of 2015. He was bred by C and S Ranch (us) and we are so excited to see how cute he is even as a young adult! Wooleybear is 65% golden retriever so not only is he our smallest and in my opinion best looking toy male so far.....he is also our highest percentage toy male to date. I am so excited about this! This boy has been years in the making and I am so blessed by God to have him. Not only is he cute, sturdy built, very golden looking, compact (not long bodied) did I mention adorable? LOL! He is also whitty, smart, and full of personality. We can't wait for him to be our full time male! He will be used on our miniature and toy females in the future. ;o) 

Wooley is on the far right in the above picture.

Wooley is on the left in the above picture. He is closest to our 18 lb sheltie Lacy. On the far right is our little "Wonder Berry" AKA "Winny" full sister to Raspberry and Blueberry. Objects like milk jugs, buckets and coffee cans are placed so that you can get a visual on aprox size.

Wooley is on the far left in the picture below: