Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies

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***Alley had her litter by Wooley on 8/2/17!!!**(Ships "about" 9/27/17)

***Ivy had her puppies by Blue on 7/11/17!!!**(ships "about" 9/5/17)

***Pearl had her puppies by Blue on 7/7/17!!** (ships "about" 9/1/17)

***Liberty had her puppies by Blue on 7/3/17!!**(ships "about" 8/28/17)

***Heavenly had puppies by Wooley on 5/27/17** (ready now)

***Ivory had her puppies by Wooley!!! 5/11/17***(ready now)

***Kira had her puppies by Maui!!! 5/9/17***(ready now)

       Jamaica x Mickey male in video below:

  • (sale $1400) includes larger crate, rabies, older puppy shipping.
  • Born 11/18/16
  • Likely about done growing and between 33-40 lbs








Heavenly X Wooley puppies below: Born 5/27/17. Likely to mature 28-45 lbs. $1400.(sale price) Likely to ship the 21st or 24th of July. 0 females available and 3 males are available.

Ivy X Blue litter born 7/11/17 pictured below: 2 females are on the left (0 females are available) Males are on the right. (4 available) likely to mature 30-48 lbs $1500





Ivory X Wooley Bear Litter below: Born 5/11/17 Mature weight likely between 30-45lbs 2 males available. $1400 (sale price). Light gold / cream but not white.

Liberty's girls below: 0 available $1900 ea

Liberty's boys below: 2-3 available $1900 ea

Pearl X Blue litter below: Females in top pic (No females available) Males in bottom pic (2 available). Likely to mature 25-45 lbs. $2100