Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies

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#1) I DO NOT LIST PERCENTAGES ANYMORE! There is no point to keep doing it. We are many generations down the road. If you like the parent dogs, go with that. If we breed back to a purebred, those will be higher percentage puppies. If we breed back to one of our larger, almost pure bred females....those will be higher percentage puppies. Our percentages typically range between 63%-96% golden and not more than 28% poodle (typically closer to 6-12% poodle). The gene pool is MIXED. And it is MIXED well this many generations down the line. This is how pure bred dogs are created.

Individual pricing next to each puppy/litter.

Olive Had a Small litter on 2/13/17 -close to pure golden (sire is Mo)

Lady (2) had her puppies by Wooley Bear on 2/18/17

Ivy (looks just like Amy and full sister) had her puppies by Mickey on 12/18/16

Amy had her puppies by Mickey on 12/21/16

Jamaica had her puppies by Mickey on 11/18/16

Ally had her litter by Wooleybear on 11/6/16!

Kira had her litter of puppies by Kokomo on 10/29/16!!


               Older  litters below:


 Nilly had puppies by Wooley on 7/18/16!!





All puppies can be registered through

Certified Pet Registry. You can visit the registry by clicking here:



Nilly x Wooley (video upon request) cream males (Blue collar boy above and No collar boy below) above and below: $1600 (Includes shipping) VERY sweet, sensitive, calm, easy going dispositions. Likely to mature 35-42 lbs. Starting crate and leash training, doggy door.

Ivy X Mickey litter below:

  • Born 12/18/16
  • 4 males
  • 0 female
  • Likely to mature between 29-45 lbs (sm mini and lrg toys likely)
  • $1500


Ally X Wooleybear litter below: Click on pic to enlarge. $1500 each.

  • Likely to mature 35-48 lbs     
  • 1 female available as of 2/15/17
  • 1 male available
  • Started on doggy door

She's a "Lady" 2 X Wooley litter pictured below!

  • Females on the rt (2 avail)
  • Males on the left (4 avail)
  • Born 2/18/17
  • Likely to mature 28-48 lbs
  • $1700
  • Aprox ship date: 4/14/17





Amy X Mickey Puppies  above and Below:

  • Born 12/21/16
  • 3 males available as of 2/15/17
  • Likely to mature between 29-45 lbs (sm mini and lrg toys likely)
  • $1700

Kira X Kokomo Litter below!!!!  Born 10/29/16!! $1500  


  • Likely to mature 32-45 lbs   
  • 2 males available as of 2/24/16
  • 0 females
  • Started on doggy door


Jamaica X Mickey litter below:

  • Likely to mature 33-48 lbs
  • 2 Females available as of 2/15/17
  • 2 Males available as of 2/15/17
  • $1500
  • Started on doggy door
  • Crazy winter fluffy hair!