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Prices range from $1100-$2500
See our "nursery" puppies below all the text
This page will have our youngest pups on it.

ABOUT Miniature and Toy Goldens: #1) I Typically DO NOT LIST PERCENTAGES ANYMORE! There is no point to keep doing it. We are many generations down the road. If you like the parent dogs, go with that. If we breed back to a purebred, those will be higher percentage puppies. If we breed back to one of our larger, almost pure bred females....those will be higher percentage puppies.

Please keep in mind that achieving a miniature golden retriever with all of its golden retriever traits is a tough chore. A Toy golden is even more difficult and there will be less actual golden in many toy matings. That being said, our golden percentage is constantly "on the rise" with even our toy matings. We do not sacrifice the golden retriever look, disposition or personality with our toys so we are very selective in choosing our toy lines.  Sooooo.....be prepared for a sweet baby that is at least 50% (typically 63-82%) golden retriever in gene, but ALL BUBBLY, HAPPY, WIGGLY, golden retriever in personality!

AKC GUIDELINES RATE FROM 1-5 ( Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador Retrievers both being a 5 and Golden Retrievers being a 3)

TOY ENERGY- 2-4 (3 average)




Miniature golden size= 28-54 lbs

Toy Size = under 35 lbs

Typically 25-33 lbs

Although we can not guarantee size, we have come a long way and feel pretty good about most of our dogs staying within or at least close to the size estimates given.

PICTURES are updated every 7-14 days and will be posted on the proper puppy page. Please see our "picture day" page




On occasion have a couple straight coated doodle puppies that will likely be lower shedding if you are looking for that. It would be very similar to a Comfort Retriever but not exactly. Contact me if you are interested.




Missy had her litter by Buddy on 3/2/19. The one female is on the right. The males are on the left. First choice male has been reserved. We expect this mating to produce puppies maturing between 30-42 lbs.$1700 for solid colored puppies. $1200 for puppies with spots.



Abbey finished having her puppies by Jack early Christmas morning: 

  • Born 12/25/18
  • Likely to mature 29-47 lbs 
  • Males $1400 (0 available)
  • Females $1400 (1 available she has an underbite so has been discounted. It doesn't affect her in any way except appearance)
  • Very nice miniature golden retriever litter with that classic golden
  • look with a touch of baby face. Should be perfect temperament as well.
  • Ready to ship about the 19th of Feb 2019



Abbeys Female above:

Meggy had her litter by Maui on 2/21/19!!!!

ALL LIGHT COLORED (not white) BABIES!!! (This is a first toy litter of puppies this light colored SO EXCITED!!!)

Megs dad and grpa were very light and grma Jade was also a very light gold almost cream.

The majority of these puppies will be toy sized.  1st choice male has been reserved. No females available.

She has some tiny ones and I personally am way excited!!!

Meg (lg toy/sm mini ) Price: $1900

Meg (toy puppies) Price: $2100

Meg herself is half poodle so if you noticed that she is not as "perfect" in golden appearance, that is why. Her offspring (this litter) is almost 62% golden. These pups are 26.5% poodle. They may shed slightly less than some of our puppies but no promises.

3 males available (looking toy size at this point)

Teddie X Jake boy below:

What a hunk! Born 3/3/19 This guy will likely mature 35-48 lbs. He is as white as we get. As light as his grandfather Kokomo at this point.

Seeming to have a very laid back energy about him, just like a little teddy bear. ;) Ready to ship at 8 weeks of age. $2000 plus shipping if needed.



Ivory X Jack kids below!!! Born 1/10/19 1 female and 4 males currently available. Likely to mature 33-46 lbs. $1400 for males and $1600 for females.




Charity had her litter by Jack on 2/6/19

We have 1 black one and the rest are gold. Please stay tuned for picture updates.

We expect this litter to be VERY similar in personality to our beloved Missy (see videos of her) Possibly even smaller though.

Males $1400

Females $1600

Merle or Black puppies $1000

See Video : https://youtu.be/fnFmTUCw84o

Bucha (Bookah)  had her puppies by Jack on 12/29/18 

  • Born 12/29/18
  • Likely to mature 29-47 lbs 
  • Males $1400
  • Females $1600
  • Very nice miniature golden retriever litter with that classic
  • golden look with a touch of baby face.
  • Bucha is one of the prettiest girls that I have.
  • All puppies should be perfectly tempered as well.
  • Ready to ship about the 22nd of Feb 2019


 Heavenly had her puppies by WooleyBear on 

  • Born 12/31/18
  • Likely to mature 29-47 lbs 
  • Males $1400
  • Females $1600
  • Very nice miniature golden retriever litter. We have done this mating before and the pups are all very gentle spirited and have had great dispositions. Some of Heavenlys pups have been in music videos (Demi Lovato I have heard) and are pictured on instagram.
  • Ready to ship about the 25th of Feb 2019
  • Heavenly boys below:



All puppies have a 2 year written guarantee to be free of all life threatening genetic defects or we will replace your puppy. All puppies will get at least one shot and be dewormed while here.  We are a FAMILY breeder of miniature golden hunting dogs and all of our dogs are indoor/outdoor dogs. Raising suitable family  and hunting dogs is our main objective. Because we have "little ones" too, temperament is a KEY factor in our breeding program.

We do not sell as breeders. Spay and neuter required.