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How do food and a health guarantee go together you may ask? It is simple: We all know by now, that diet affects our overall health. Did you also know that goldens are prone to cancer? Many commercially made dog foods are loaded with preservatives, corn, soy and other nasty things that cause cancer and various other health issues including allergies. Did you also hear/know that hip dysplasia is blamed on the breeder but breeders from long ago knew and still know today that it is really 50% breeding, 50% environment. Did you also know that in Germany, the top German shepherd breeders NEVER let their dogs go up and down stairs, walk on smooth floors, jump off of things including furniture? You got it! They CARRY them over these things until at least 1 year of age. They also do not want to over exert the young joints by long walks/pounding the pavement.



We do offer a 2 year life threatening genetic defect guarantee but only if you feed quality food AND abide by the safe practices above on dysplasia. Those food options are as follows: Organic , Home cooked / raw diet or Paw Tree. We prefer paw tree as it is more convenient for us to leave a bag of kibble out for our dogs to graze upon. Please follow the link below to order your food. 

If for any reason, none of the Paw tree foods work out for your pet, you may also use the link below:

Another food we recommend (if you need to change your puppies diet after it gets a bit older is Lifes Abundance: www.lifesabundance.com/Familypets7 ) 

The kibble is a bit bigger and our preferred blend is the grain free all stages. When ordering from this link, it will fulfil the terms of your contract as well. We do like to start everyone on Paw Tree though as the kibble is smaller and most puppies love it. Paw tree also offers more variety if your puppy for any reason doesnt do as well on a specific flavor.


Puppies are typically dewormed at least 1 x's but sometimes more depending on the method we use for that litter.

We usually use fenbendazole 3 day to deworm.


Most people will pump plenty of vaccine into their puppy the minute they get it home but we do not.

We do Vaccinate our dams with NeoPar but we are still working out a vaccine protocol that works well for our golden puppies.

Golden puppies are very sensitive by nature. The can go off of food just by weaning or by vaccinating or any other stressful event.

When they go off of food, they are very suseptible to fatty liver syndrome. Fatty liver syndrome is almost always fatal in small puppies.

Therefore we do the less is more approach with our vaccination program.

Puppies receive: 1 parvo/distemper Vaccine before leaving. Older Puppies (over 12 weeks) may also have a DA2ppv vaccine.

How they (vaccines) work:


Spot on Flea and Tick Meds:

We have been researching about the health risks of these questionable products that have been known to cause serious health issues even death. We are currently looking for a safe but effective alternative. So far.....nothing is proving to be both effective and practical on the natural end. D.E. does work pretty good for external parasites and we do use it.....but is is extremely dusty and it has to stay on for several days. That makes things impractical if in the home.