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The 1st video below is of Hopper, Cricket and Squirt our toy lines. Squirt was not up to his full weight in this video and now fully mature at 27lbs  He is still about the same size in appearance but filled out and heavier.We will gradually add to our video collection of adults as time allows. Thank you for your patience.

Here are some more videos of our adult miniature goldens. Hope this gives you at least some idea of who they are....or at least in their excited "performing" mood ;o)

Jake and CJ are just below:

Below is Harmony and squirt:

Below is Butter Cup and Jade:

Another of Just Jade:


Below is a very excited Jake!

Below is Buttercup, June, Sunshine, Cricket, and Jade along with Squirt on a walk with the grandkids:



Below is Billy and Rosemary:


Emma, Rainy Lady Below:


Emma, Rainy Lady 2 Below:


Missy video Below:

Our NEWEST Videos Below: ***~NEWEST~***below:

Featuring Sunshine, Stormy, Raspberry and Kate! ;o) Enjoy!

Video Below is of Tundra Rose AKA "Trudy", Monarch and Miss Beetle Bug.

Below is Just "Trudy" on a calmer day......;o)


Below is "Blueberry" and friends...includes razz and cricket as well as a mini poodle and others in our kitchen


Below is a full term pregnant video of Monarch, Hopper and Blueberry:



Below is Amy and Penny (with friends)

Amy, Penny and friends click here



Video below is of the pregnant ladies. Kira, Kate, Liberty, Pearl, Haylee:

Just a little fun!

Janie pup in training

Heavenly, Ivory, Bucha, Bailey

Jack, Oliver, Skye....

 Sweetie and Baby

Hallie and Maddie

 Oakley below:

Pepper video below:


Snowy English Cream Golden Girl :