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1) Do you yell a lot to get your family members to listen and comply?


   b) No

   c) Not a lot but maybe more then I should......

2) Do you often get "huffy" and try to boss your family or children with the tone of your voice?

    a) Yes

    b) not really much if ever

    c) No

3) If you have children, (or if you can imagine you had them) do they obey what you tell them the

   a) typically ignore you until you count 1,2,3.....then they reluctantly obey

   b) 3rd time you tell them

   c) 1st or 2nd time you tell them to do something

4) Do you view any of these things as puppy or dog aggression?

  a) Assertively tugging with his teeth on your pant leg making growling sounds....

  b) Barking in his crate

  c) Snapping at you with a little back talking bark when you tell it or show it "no" or stop it from doing something he is very interested in doing

5)If any puppy or dog were to aggressively growl, bear its teeth or snap, try to bite you or your child you would:

  a) Loudly yell "NO"!

  b) Slap or kick the dog

  c) Grab the dog by the scruff of his neck, put the dog on his back on the floor, rubbing it back and forth on the floor, while growling.

6) Do you or your spouse get overly irritable when your "things" get torn up, lost or ruined?

  a) Yes VERY

  b) No not even a little

  c) A little but not too badly

7) If you got a puppy that after a few days or weeks began being aggressive to you or your children you would:

   a) Send the dog to the shelter to protect your children

   b) Call the breeder so they can take the dog back

   c) Call the breeder and be willing to do whatever it takes to fix the issue

Total up all of your points now! ;o) All "A" answers get 9 points, "B" Answers get 6 points, "C" Answers get 3 points. Click here to see your results: