Teddybear Goldendoodles

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TeddyBear Goldendoodle Puppies: 

How they are made:

1) English Cream Golden Retriever mixed with a Standard Poodle = Standard Sized TeddyBear Goldendoodles!

2) Miniature English Cream Golden Retriever mixed with a Miniature Poodle = Miniature TeddyBear Goldendoodles!

What makes a TeddyBear Goldendoodle so special?

A TeddyBear Goldendoodle is special because of their extra soft personality, mild energy level and gentle "TeddyBear" type appearance.

So if you are looking for that Extra gentle and EXTRA soft calm personality and a beautiful doodle appearance....a TeddyBear Goldendoodle ( standard or petite / miniature size) might be right for you!

Please see current availability for TeddyBear Goldendoodles on the link below: