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Testimonies of previous customers...........

TESTIMONIES PG 2: Testimonies PG 2 click here

This page has been created recently so that you can see how some of our other puppy families have felt about their experience with C and S Ranch. :O) This page is under construction and we appreciate your patience. I also have to apologize to those families who graciously sent me their testimonies and I was very busy during the time I started this page. I have lost their letters and that is why they are not posted here. ;o( If you wish to resend.....I will do my best to post them. Again....I am guilty and sorry.

This is a beautiful letter I recieved a few months after rehoming our sweet Billy:

As I lay here, unable to sleep, I have a golden blessing curled up next to me. I felt the need to express my appreciation for all the hard work you did to give me Billy.

I know you will ask about lifting his leg, and except when we were working on our communication, the problem has been non-existent.

Every single person, vets included, have fallen in love with his personality, and have been stunned in his attachment to me, even more so when they hear he hasn't even known me for three months.

All of this has only made me realize your hard work. He is a beautiful example of what I believe you are trying to achieve through breeding, and understand why he was a good pick for breeding.

While I appreciate and staggered by the amount of work it took to achieve that. I realize what stuns me even, as I lay next to him listening to his snores, is you still had time to raise him right.

I get compliments on how well he steps out on leash. I always make sure to credit you. I love that creating is not a fight so I can bond with him without causing a fight. That he listens when I call so he can enjoy himself as a dog at the farm. Ruby and him are so cute together.

The closest thing I can find to a negative is how happy he is, but that is the reason I wanted a golden. He has made so much of my emotional pain from that last year disappear with his smile. Did you know his tongue hangs out to the side when he is really content?

I realize I have said a lot here, but I needed you to understand how much you have blessed me with your dedication and commitment. Thank you for helping find myself again. I know that was not your goal, but you gave Billy all the tools through nature and nurture.

Thank you,
Samantha and Billy

"During my specific search for a small golden/cocker puppy, I ran across Shannon and C & S Ranch's web site. I was hesitant at first, but during this process, Shannon was very informative, very patient with me, understanding and really easy to work with. In the end, I chose TWO sisters and have been extremely pleased with the out come. The girls are now 18 months old and beautiful! They arrived healthy and happy and have provided tons of happiness and pleasure. I would recommend that prospective new owners give Shannon the opportunity to provide you with your next family member. I'm glad I did!"

Michele W.


We got our puppies on October 10, 2014. They are both sisters from Billy and Rainy. "Ginger" & "Willow" are sweethearts. We love their personalities and sweet temperments. They have fit in to our family wonderfully and get along beautifully with our three children and 2 cats. Thank you to C & S Ranch for a smooth experience and great communication. You were helpful every step of the way and we highly recommend your services. We look forward to many fun years with Ginger & Willow.

Ben & Carri Griffith

Video of a very young Raspberry and Wooleybear puppy below:

One year ago we started our pursuit of finding a small Golden Retriever. It was then that I discovered the Miniature Golden Retrievers. There seemed to be two options for us: a breeder in Kentucky-long drivable distance or in Montana with the C & S Ranch which would mean shipping.

I was able to make contact with C & S Ranch on the first phone call. Shannon answered all of our many questions and I felt very comfortable that we would be choosing our family Miniature Golden Retriever from her. A deposit was made and we weekly waited for the new pictures of our future puppy to be seen on the website.

Once we choose our puppy, arrangements were made for shipping her to us. There were no problems with her arrival to our airport. It was very exciting to see her for the first time. She looked wonderful and was very healthy.

Since we were first time pet owners we had questions that had to be answered. Anytime I emailed or called Shannon she responded almost instantly.

It has been a year and I cannot tell you how happy and excited we still are to have Bailey. She is highly trainable, beautiful, can play outside all day or be inside with no play. She loves to be around kids, and shows respect to her masters. I get comments all the time about how beautiful she is and how people love her size.

I daily and weekly keep up with the website that C & S Ranch has. It is exciting to see all the new pictures of puppies as well as previous owner puppies. I love to find out who is going to be mating next and seeing the progress of the puppies.

If we were to buy another puppy, there is no question that we would go through C & S Ranch. I love the concept of “Miniature Golden Retrievers” and am so thankful that they have chosen to pursue this wonderful breed.  The Parsons

We got Sophie from you. She was from the May 29,2012 litter.
She is a wonderful dog. She is really smart and command trains easily.
She is nearly perfect in house training. If there is an error, it is
mostly our error.
She knows some German words thanks to our son's girlfriend who has
spent several weeks with Sophie while we were on vacation. Everyone
loves her and wants to steal her away from us. Thanks very much for
bringing her to us.

Thanks! Russ and Carolyn


I'm not sure if you remember me, but I adopted a mini golden puppy from you several months back - a Rainy and Jake female (DOB 5/29/12). I just wanted to send you a quick update on her (her name is Nala) and thank you again! She is such a sweet girl!

Nala is a quick learner - she is at the top of her puppy kindergarten class and is to graduate soon. She loves swimming, going for walks, cuddling, and playing with her toys. She gets along fabulously with our three year old daughter as well. She's a bit shy, but is quick to warm up to people too. And she loves playing with other dogs - I don't think I've ever seen a friendlier puppy! She's also great off-leash at the dog beach. She's not destructive, doesn't whine, and she's even learned to ring a bell to let us know she has to go potty! And an unexpected plus - she barely sheds!

Anyway, thanks again! We are looking forward to many happy years with Nala!

Take care,

P.S. She is about 7 1/2 months old and weighs about 31 pounds.

 We couldnt be happier with benji!  Benji is a walking billboard here in new york for how great your puppies are.

Mike R

Good Morning, Shannon!
Just writing to say Tan Camo arrived safe and sound and completely clean and ready to play and eat. Thank you for creating such a great pup and taking such great care of him for 8 weeks. He is so well adjusted and "active"!!!
I appreciate you and your family very much. I have a smile on my face again.
God Bless,
I just wanted to say thank you for our dog Buster. He is absolutely amazing. He is.very smart amd well behaved for a nine month old puppy. He is a love and sweet as pie, the children can do just about anything to him and he just lays there and takes it. His personality is charming and spunky. Beyond all his wonderful personable traits he is the most beautiful dog. We get stopped everywhere we go. He is a wonderful dog we couldn't be happier.
Thank you,

2/20/2013 Fantastic!  That is the best adjective I can think of from the day I contacted Shannon to the day Barney arrived on the plane.Shannon took the time to communicate both over the phone and through email.  Since we live in Alaska and I couldn’t visit the ranch she was extra patient with all of my questions.  I appreciated the weekly photos of the puppies and that the web site is updated regularly.The contract and what is expected of the owner is straight-forward, easy to understand, and all about the well-being of the puppy.Barney is now 4 months old and weighs in at 14 pounds.  He’s quite well behaved and I am constantly stopped by admirers who admire his manners (and cuteness!).He’s made fast friends with one of the cats in the house, and quickly learned to leave the other one alone.Thank you for the newest member of our family.  He’s a keeper! ~Lauren AllenSitka, Alaska Update;
He's a character!
Weighs in at 30 pounds.  You can see the arm of the chair he is sitting near.  
He swims all day and is an excellent boat dog

Here is a new pic of our baby. ("Mitzy" out of Buttercup and Squirt) She is a great dog. Everyone loves her.  She is about 25 pounds.

Dear Shannon,

I wanted to share a sincere and heartfelt testimony to you and your whole family, including your dogs!

This is my first dog I have ever owned, while most would be hesitant to bestow such a wonderful dog to a new owner, Shannon did not skip a beat. She assisted me in learning, answered my questions, and helped me prepare to be a confident owner. I enjoyed the back and forth emailing as well as the honest and fun conversations we held on the phone. She was always there and willing to help... and SO very knowledgeable about her dogs, their well-being, training, health cues, body language, and beyond. I learned so much even before my boy got home.

After weekly or biweekly photos throughout the waiting process, I was thrilled to know which pup would be mine. We moved right along with shipment information, etc. All the technicalities were so easily sorted through and basically all taken care of by Shannon.

When I finally made it to the airport, Murphy was a HAPPY, healthy, energetic boy. It was an amazing and wonderful moment.

He moved right along with crate training, potty-training, the comedian in his puppy classes, a friend and playmate of my three kitties, and a joy in the household. He is so smart (learning sit basically first day...and even now having learned nearly 10 other commands at 16 weeks!).

I could not be more happy with the new addition to my family. This breed is one that is very special...characteristics including loyalty, eager to please, intelligent, occasionally stubborn (but cute), utter happiness, and definitely some hunting instincts as well.

Shannon continued to help me and answer questions weeks into training my new puppy. I could not be more grateful, since he is currently such a well-behaved dog who is happy and knows his rank in his new pack!

Overall, I hope that everyone who inquires to get a pup from Shannon shares in her compassion for these dogs, takes the time to learn from her, and gains a new member of the family who fits right in.

Thank you, Shannon!

Brittney Conway

Hi Shannon, I thought you'd like to see how adorable our Levi is. He is 7 months old tomorrow. He is one of Squirt and Hoppers puppies born on July 18. He's 32 lbs now. He's such a good puppy...he brings us so much joy :)
Take care,
Pam Wertman

Hello all,

My name is Keith Taylor (Las Vegas) and Purchased a toy line Mini Golden I believe form Hopper and squirt. We named him Max and he turned out to be A fantastic dog! He is great hunting and has a great personality! I attached a few pictures. Fill free to use if you want for your web site. We constantly recommend you to others! Just thought you would get a kick of hearing back from some of the people who purchased from U!


Keith & Jenny